Locating individuals for clients since 1997


Maybe you’re a busy Solicitor looking for those key witnesses that can help you crack that big case.

We are well placed to find those witnesses for you. We have found many, many witnesses over the years, somewhere the known information dated back as far as the 1940’s. Whilst on another case the only information we had was a long list of names dating back 7 years or more. Still, we found the witnesses and after taking statements to the highest standards, helped our client get the information required, whilst freeing them to spend more time elsewhere on the case.

Perhaps you need to locate an errant debtor who has apparently disappeared with your money. Let us find them and help you get that money back. Using the right mix of the latest tools, good old fashioned leg work and with our access to a vast knowledge base of some of the best tracing agents in the business.

Maybe you are an executor of a will and need to locate the beneficiaries; there are new ways of finding people opening up all the time as well as new legislation to navigate. We will find those people for you whilst maintaining the highest levels of discretion, confidentiality and all in a professional manner.

There are a thousand reasons why you may want to find someone and as long as it’s for a legitimate reason WE CAN HELP YOU.

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We also help Re-unite family.

Our clients who are looking for family members and have tried the usual genealogy web sites have often been surprised how quickly we are able to locate relatives, despite not having been in contact with them for decades.

As an example, we recently located a half-sibling of one of our clients who they had never met and only found out about within the last 12 months or so.

They only knew a first name and the father’s name. They were ecstatic to be united for the first time.

Once we have found the lost relative we will happily act as an intermediary in the first instance to aid the reinstating of relations