Corporate Surveillance

We understand that as a Solicitor, you will need solid evidence to build your client’s case.

Professional surveillance can be used to discover information essential to your goal.

SLS Investigations can carry out fully ethical surveillance and provide clear, factual evidence to the highest standard, which is admissible in a court of law for a range of situations. It may also interest you to note that one of our team is Counter Fraud Management accredited.

We can: • Find out if an ex-business director has set up in competition with your client • Establish and record movements • Investigate business dealings • Carry out Background checks • Detect suspicious living activity

We can also:

  1. • Discover if a client or business is breaking contract clauses
  2. • Pose as a prospective customer of any business and record details
  3. • Discover if a competitor is selling goods or services whilst falsely using their trademarked brand or logo
  4. • And more

As evidence can be so important in a case, surveillance may be essential to provide your client with the best results.

SLS Investigations can help with a premium surveillance service at an affordable cost.

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Does your client suspect a cheating partner?

Private investigators at SLS Investigations can discover details about the infidelity of a person in connection with your client.

  1. -Give your client the true reasons for their partner’s suspicious activity
  2. -Discover if your client’s partner is cheating
  3. Find out a partners daily travel details and activities

Your client’s situation will be assisted with the highest level of confidentiality, sensitivity and care. Our prices are also competitive, enabling you to retain a higher profit. Give us a call now for more information. You can remain completely anonymous whilst enquiring about our services.

How professional surveillance works from SLS Investigations

  • 1. We will receive a brief and instructions on the situation
  • 2. Payment will be taken
  • 3. Surveillance will be carried out
  • 4. Verbal reports will be supplied at intervals to suit you and your client
  • 5. A full report and invoice will be supplied with all required information
  • 6. We can provide evidence in court if requested

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