Process Serving

So you need a Process Server! We offer two levels of service for our clients, Standard service of documents and Priority.

Standard Service of Documents

Are you a busy solicitor / business person with more important things to deal with than locating a process server, be it locally, nationally or worldwide? A process server that you can trust to be reliable, efficient and act in a professional manner at all times can save you time and money.

Priority Service of Documents

Clients generally ask for this service when another Process Server has failed to effect service, or if there is another reason that service has to be effected as quickly and efficiently as possible.

This is not a set fee instruction but instead we charge an hourly rate for this service as well as a mileage charge. Assuming we have your authority to do so we will then dedicate a Process server to serving in relation to only this matter. If that means arriving at their house early morning, or waiting outside their house until they come out then that is what will happen.

In the past, we have sent process servers to London as the client needed someone to be served that evening and the documents were not ready until 5 pm, the recipient was leaving the country the following morning and so it JUST HAD TO BE SERVED.

Whichever service you require with over 16 years experience in the field to draw upon and access to the most up to date databases should it be necessary to trace the recipient, you can rest assured that all efforts will be made and the best possible resolution realised.

We are willing and able to collect the documents from the Court, issue proceedings on your behalf and then, where applicable, effect service of them nationwide.

We can also issue Statutory Demands and Claim forms on your behalf. You may be surprised how effective the issuing of a Statutory Demand can be in obtaining payment from debtors. If you think this service may be of interest then please provide us with a few details by filling in the online form. We will then get back to you as soon as possible with a quote.

Affidavits, Statements of Service and Certificates are all produced to the highest standards promptly, using our standardised templates except where you have your own requirements which we will, of course, happily take into account.

Some sample Affidavits;

Statutory DemandBankruptcy PetitionN39 Order.

This is by no means an exhaustive list. Please state in your instructions the form in which you would prefer the proof of service.

Our process serving promise

Our process servers will make attendances outside normal working hours, within the price quoted.

We charge a realistic price but our aim is to offer the best service possible.

We will tailor our service to meet your needs and will report the results of our efforts on a regular basis. We are happy to report on a visit by visit basis, daily, or however, you require.

We are happy to work on an hourly rate or set fee. Please tell us your preference at the time of instruction.