Pre-Employment Investigations.

Prevention is better than cure. We always recommend that prior to employing a potential candidate, written consent is gained to make all relevant enquiries to confirm the information detailed in the job application. This greatly increases the access to relevant data in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998 and Human Rights Act 1998.

Pre-employment Vetting

How can you be sure the people you are interviewing for that important position are who they say they are? We will make sure, confirming the information they have supplied dating back upto 10 years or to your requirements. Nick Leeson’s actions brought down Barings Bank, yet his CV was littered with discrepancies. Manchester United suffered a PR disaster when £125,000-a-year communications director Alison Ryan was hired in 2000. Various CV discrepancies, including exaggerating her Cambridge degree, meant she was fired shortly afterwards.

As we are a member of a Criminal Records Bureau umbrella body we are now able to offer prospective employers access to the Criminal Records Bureau database. This can be offered separately or as part of a full pre-employment vetting service. Please be aware, however, this information can only be supplied as part of an employment process.

Current Employment Investigations

Do you suspect that your employee is defrauding your company?

Over 40 million pounds each day is lost to fraud in the UK alone. Over 80% of corporate fraud involves the collusion of an employee, so you are not alone.

We have often worked with Directors of companies to confirm or deny their suspicions that a fellow director is either planning to set up in business in direct competition with the company or that they are defrauding the company by some other means.

We will gather the information as we find it and not in anyway edit the information to fit any pre conceived hypothosys.

You may suspect that your employee is working for someone else whilst claiming sick pay or are not as sick as they say they are. There are numerous ways in which an employee can defraud their employers, whether it be unadulterated stealing or using your vehicle for their own purposes.

S.L.S. Investigations make use of experienced agents and the latest technical hardware to offer a service to investigate such individuals and provide evidence you can use to aid in their dismissal or to help you bring them to Court.

Copyright Infringement:

We will conduct test purchases on your behalf and supply you with a detailed report to aid any court action that you deem suitable.

Rather than waiting until it has happened, we offer the following services to help you prevent potential fraud before it happens:

Post Employment Investigation

If you have an ex-employee who has left your company or is currently on gardening leave, and you suspect that they may be harming your company illegally or be in breach of their contract, we can offer various solutions to find out the truth about that person’s activities.

We use various means to gather such information, including Covert Surveillance, Tracking Devices, Database and office based enquiries.

We offer an ethical and legitimate service and evidence that is gathered is always produced to the highest standards possible and our aim is to produce evidence in such a way that it can be used in any impending court proceedings.